About Us

Multiple factors contribute to generating a major earthquake, however once those conditions are identified, we track the electric storm and if it builds to major quake proportions we step in and suppress before it can be triggered.

To Protect and Serve

It’s a little like giving back. We grow up protected by parents and other adults and never think about it. What would you do if you saw a child walk out into danger? My guess is that you would react without thinking. What would you do if you thought about it?

Now, granted I went out hunting for quakes, found them, identified a new trigger model and realized that the trigger mechanism could be suppressed. I hadn't found any one else was trying anything interesting, imaginative or effective.

Once I realized that I could suppress a dynecane it became a question of how could I possibly allow lives to be endangered, or millions of dollars of damage to happen.

So, in late autumn of 2005 there was a large dynecane in the 6 to 7 range; small dynecane would generate quakes up to 3 or 4; mid sized dynecane 4 to 5 and large 6 to 7, in the San Francisco Bay Area that I suppressed.  California was quiet that year so there were only two other dynecane that needed suppressing. That was the pattern for the next couple of years, after which I saw an increase in activity. Currently I am seeing between four to six events each year that could spark. They have also grown in size; from the 6/7 on up to 8/9 range.

The strangest event was seeing two dynecane in close proximity in SoCal.

At first I wasn’t going to say a thing about my dynecane suppression activities. A couple of factors dictated otherwise; the need for help with quake breaking, and wanting to get the information out to the seismic community. My work has changed the impact of quakes in California and by doing so, messed up a lot of scientific work.

Mea culpa

Anatomy of a California Coastal Earthquake

First off, California is made up of numerous islands that the North American continent has scooped up in its travel westward and northward. Our fault lines are actually the boundaries between those islands.  Another interesting fact is that the faults are composed of granite and one fun property of granite is that it will generate an electric field if you squeeze hard enough.

We do know that the fault lines are under tremendous pressure and are probably generating a low level of electric energy all the time. What could not be explained was that the electric field can spike, creating a major electric storm or dynecane that would be sparked, thereby generating a big quake. Nor could we explain the sparking agent.

Now the Story Can Be Told!

Seismologists have identified a previous unseen phenomenon which is slow slip. In some cases, they have recorded the same amount of displacement as the most violent of quakes but over a period of weeks or months instead of seconds or minutes. We believe that the slow slip creates enough extra pressure to generate the dynecane which is the fuel that ignites when sparked. The dynecane when visioned thru R V has the appearance of a cyclone but is composed completely of energy.

We need to look to the sun for the sparking agent. It has been proposed that charged particles from the sun can spark lightning storms, so why not quakes? In fact, the most energetic particles are the agent of ignition. Fortunately, moisture and wind does tend to interfere with the formation of the dynecane. We have been monitoring California's coastal area since 2005 and in that time we have seen a major increase in size and frequency of dynecanes. From 2005 through 2009 there were two to three storms per year with diameters up a mile in circumference.

Now, we are logging twice the number of storms per year and twice the size. Fortunately, we are here to protect the people of the coastal area.

What Is Remote Viewing?

It’s a little like astral projection, but one leaves the image of one's body at home, becomeing a single point presence viewing. Think of it as long distance vouyeuring.

If you really want to see dynecanes, you have to kick up your visioning  to another wave length past the visible part of the spectrum. Keep shifting up the spectrum until the electric fields start to fluoresce and there you are. The big question; of course, how do you corral (and suppress) an electrical field